We offer different staffing options to accommodate the varying needs of our clients. We provide you resources on contract for your requirements, whether your need is for a specific deliverable or for a longer project, to help you with your ORACLE ERP projects. Our consultants are project-ready and we provide the following resources on contract to help with your ORACLE ERP staffing needs:

Oracle Contract / Freelance Staffing

This option provides flexibility by delivering experienced Oracle consultants to you on a contract basis. It fills your immediate need for expert talent to quickly get the job done. Consultants can work onsite or remotely.  

Contract-to-Hire Staffing

This option provides experienced Oracle consultants on a contract basis while you decide if they fit the long-term needs within your company. This is sometimes the best solution for you and the candidate.

Oracle Permanent Placement of resources

Oracle Permanent Placement of Resources gives more organizations access to comprehensive recruitment services and to match quality Consultants with opportunities that complement their career goals.